2016 Introduction of Fanclub New Membership

2016 Introduction of Fanclub New Membership

Dearest Bosco's fans...

The new 2016 membership is now started and we hope that everyone will continue your support to both Bosco and the fanclub !!

In the past years, we had worked closely with both Bosco and his Manager, as a result of new ideas and some fanclub's exclusive materials were created for our members. Some examples of these exclusive stuff and activities are photographs, video clips, some souvenirs and exclusive fanclub tee etc. In the coming year, fanclub will continue to improvise our management and benefits for our members to achieve member's satisfaction !!!


We have started to open up the annual membership's registration for everyone now and this includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Overseas members.

Areas Scope Person(s)-in-Charge

Hong Kong and Macau : Ah Yee,Karen,Eil,Ada
Taiwan : 淑如
Overseas (All countries except the above) : Ada,Jermaine,Shindy
China : 樂兒 & 豆丁

Due to the inflation for all the value-added activities and materials, we have decided to higher up our fee structure for a little bit.

Areas              New membership fees              Renewal membership fees
Hong Kong     HK$100 per year                       HK$70 per year
Taiwan           HK$100 per year                       HK$70 per year

Overseas         HK$100 per year                            HK$70 per year
China              RMB80 per year                        RMB56 per year

All these fees will be used for making signboards, flag, website and gift. Fan Club will post out the financial report regularly in order to make everyone clear and openly.

Official Fanclub Website

Same as before, our official website are all consolidated into one main the domain, there are 3 different forums which include Traditional Chinese section, Simplified Chinese section and English section. This domain is owned by Bosco himself thus going forward we hope to provide the latest news and information for everyone.

Member's Benefits

1. An exclusive new design of membership card, sample as attached

2. A set of exclusive photographs (New members - 1 copy, Renewal members - 2 copies)

3. An exclusive membership gift, details will be advised later

4. After each function, members get priority in photography and autography session if Bosco could stay behind.

5. Entitle to priority registration and Special membership fees for any gathering.

6. Priority in receiving any event's admission tickets however if the registration is overwhelming than entitlement would be determined by balloting.

7. Like the current official forum, there is an Exclusive fanclub member's section for exclusive photographs and video clips.

Bosco Wong International Official Fan Club reserved the rights if there is any debates.

Membership's registration is now OPEN !!

Pls click the following and download the form...


Oversea Fans registration procedures

1. Download the official application form.

2. Complete the form with a clear understanding of its terms and conditions.

3. Email the completed form to

4. You will receive an acknowledgement from your respective Country Representative on 2 items :
    4a. The total cost to be paid (membership fees + postage fees of the membership kit).

          No postage cost needed for hand delivery arrangement.
    4b. How to make the necessary payment within your country?

5. Membership kit delivery would be made within 2 months from the date of a complete registration, ie. application form + membership fees are all received in good order.

6. Payment is to be made in your local currency and it does not include any handling fees for the payment transaction and the delivery charges of the membership kit.

7. All fans from USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, all membership kits will be sending out directly from HK in order to avoid any delay. So the following membership fee will be included the postage fee for the membership welcome kit.

Any queries on the above, you could either post a message here or pm adachan or your respective country representative.

Also we do encourage multiple years' membership renewal for overseas fans thus we have computed standard fees for 3 and 5 years renewal for your selection but it's only applied for renewed members.

Membership fees in the respective local currency Countries

                            Type of Membership                   HK$                 Local Currency
1. Australia               New                                        100                         A$18
                             Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)              70/210/350              A$14/42/70

2. Canada                New                                        100                          C$17
                             Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)              
70/210/350             C$13/39/65

3. Europe & UK        New                                        100                         Euros14
                             Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)               
70/210/350            Euros10/30/50

4. Malaysia               New                                        100                         M$60
                             Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)               
70/210/350             M$40/120/200

5. New Zealand         New                                       100                         NZ$19
                              Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)              
70/210/350              NZ$14/42/70

6. Singapore             New                                        100                           S$20
                              Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)               
70/210/350              S$14/42/70

7. USA                      New                                        100                          US$16
                              Renewal (1/3/5 yrs)               
70/210/350             US$12/36/60

** Due to currency fluctuation and for easy administration, we have round-up to the nearest dollar after conversion and also add up a postage fee for our membership items.

Your respective country rep's nickname for pm purpose
Australia – Ada
Canada & USA – Adachan
Europe & UK – MANDY
Malaysia – shindy_sin
New Zealand – Adachan
Singapore – Jermaine
Others - Adachan

In order to make our payment way more flexible, we can accept 'Paypal'. If anyone would like to settle your payment by Paypal instead , pls clearly specify : 'I would like to pay via paypal' on your email when u're applying your membership, I will then send you a payment request accordingly.

Any unclears, feel free to ask!!
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Time files...
Its another brand new year!


Hello, I am from Malaysia..just send you the application form.



Hi, I send in application form few days ago but have not get a reply yet. Any updates?


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Replied. Thanks


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Hi Jermaine .. Just Apps u for the membership thing .. Pls check .. Thanks


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send in. Await for reply